MobiSy: Dev platform to create rich web 2.0 apps for mobile devices

Bangalore based Mobisy (acronym for Mobile and Easy) very recently launched MobiTop, mobile phone application development platform that enables app developers/device manufacturers and operators to easily develop and deploy web2.0…

mobisyBangalore based Mobisy (acronym for Mobile and Easy) very recently launched MobiTop, mobile phone application development platform that enables app developers/device manufacturers and operators to easily develop and deploy web2.0 apps (see the demo).

Key challenges faced by today’s mobile application developers are, “Device incompatibilities” and “Ineffective application delivery platforms”. We @ Mobisy are trying to address these major issues by providing a platform to develop applications quickly in standard web technologies like AJAX and limiting the porting issues. Further, we are enabling Internet based deployment of applications, which provides security at the same time avoiding complicated and lengthy, signing procedures.We also provide native device access capabilities(like Call,SMS, Contacts), offline mode..”

One of the cool application built using MobiTop platform is Spam Manager. Using SpamManager, one can create a list of spam numbers (add numbers from country club/icici/hdfc etc) using the easy to use interface. Spam Managers runs on the background and any call from the listed spam numbers will be rejected without disturbing the user! (and you won’t need BanKaro)

Here is an interview with Lalit, co-founder of Mobisy on their future plans as well as their strategy with regards to platforms like android and fonemine.

Tell us more about MobiTop. – What sort of applications are you planning to build on top of the APIs?
MobiTop provides easy development and deployment for Mobile applications. We believe that we are “Reinventing Mobile Internet” by lowering the barriers to entry for web developers in Mobile space.
Its primarily targeted at mash-up applications between Mobile native applications like contacts, messages, camera and Web applications like Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Zoho docs. Hence we call it a platform for”Mobile Web applications”. For example, iContactBook enables plethora of web services right inside a phonebook in mobile. We call it “Social Phonebook”.
iContactbook is set to be launched before end of 2007. We are working on more applications on similar themes.

There are several other upcoming APIs (like android) for web2.0 apps on mobile- what differentiator does mobitop has?
Mobitop is a complimentary technology for other mobile middle ware platforms (like Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android). MobiTop enables access to these APIs using web technology, which lowers barrier for mobile application development.
New platform like android are ideal for MobiTop, which gives higher level of access to platform functionality.

Current version of prods are only for S60 phones – any plans to release for other versions?
We are working on Android version and evaluating other platforms like Windows Mobile. Future plans include porting it to Java Mobile Edition increasing the compatibility to majority of web enabled handsets.

Do you plan any enterprise service as well?
One exciting aspect of MobiTop is that it enables centralized control and configuration for applications, which makes it best fit for enterprise applications, we are currently working for enterprise applications with few of our customers, which will leverage this functionality.

FoneMine offers pretty much the same set of APIs (and a lot more)

We believe that the “Mobile web platform” market is big enough to cater for competition. Having said that, we have observed that one of the key differentiator and ‘secret sauce’ of “Mobitop” which is, Mobile device access for web applications is currently missing from any of our competitors. There are many other differentiators which our customers love like off-line access for Mobitop web applications.

How is MobiTop diff? What other prods are you guys working on?
We have found out from our customers that Mobitop can scale to pretty much all of the Mobile applications gamut. There are quite a few exciting applications on Mobitop from our customers which are set to be launched in next couple of months. We will surely intimate you once the details are ready to be shared.
Our road map includes extending Mobitop in breadth by catering to more handsets and in depth by including more device api’s. Our end goal with Mobitop is to democratize mobile handset user interface design by enabling everyone to write and deploy mobile applications.

What’s your funding state? Looking for funds?
After bootstrapping for almost six months we recently accepted small angel funding. We feel confident to be able to execute our Mobitop road map with this angel funding and the revenues which have started coming in Mobisy. Having said that, we will re-evaluate our funding needs depending on our scaling requirements around mid 2008.

Share some experience after starting up? How has life changed?
Before Mobisy, myself and Chhavi(one of my co-founders) had done product management in bigger Multinational companies but we both found out quite soon that managing a product oriented start-up, especially in India where eco-system for product companies is still evolving, is a great challenge. We have enjoyed working around this challenge immensely and with reasonable success.
I guess one of the key learnings have been that during the start-up phase we have to keep learning and keep learning fast.Another key learning has been that India is a great market especially for Mobile related products. If a product has a strong value proposition, it is relatively easy in Indian Mobile eco-system to get traction amongst customers.

Lastly one of our understanding which got re-enforced during last one year was about team. I am absolutely proud about the fact that, it is our team in Mobisy that makes things happen. The technology ,market and business aspects of the start-up can be acquired quite quickly if you have a “Star” team like the one we have at
Mobisy !

– Do give Mobisy a spin and share your comments/feedbacks.

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