Bangalore Bomb Blast


There are ~8 bomb blasts reported so far. Since telco networks are jammed, please use this twitter id to share your status (so that your near and dear ones can know your well being).Or else, use spy to track the bangalore news across social media.

Word of advice: if you are in your office, stay there. Please do not add to the traffic jam/chaos by leaving for home right now!

Aside, couldn’t help talking about the so-called pageview generation game (in the name of citizen reporting) by media:

If you are in Bengaluru, here’s your chance to play citizen reporter, by telling to us what you see around you, and sending us your photographs and videos of the terror attack. – Rediff


On a damn serious note – have you ever imagined the sentiments/emotions of those cops who check bombs, i.e. whether they are live/fused or not?
While most of us are in a hurry to reach our home, these cops (who too have a family) will have to stay late and go ‘beyond the call of duty‘ !

A thankless job!

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