Bangalore Entrepreneur/LxLabs founder hangs himself

KT Lingesh, Bangalore based entrepreneur (founder of LxLabs, a virtualization software company) hanged himself from his house ceiling after he lost a project owing to lack of funds.

Lxlabs is a Windows based virtualization software solution for enterprises. The company has two platform products – HyperVM and Kloxo.

HyperVM is a virtualization management software (used by many hosting companies and manages approximately 300,000 VPS), while Kloxo is a hosting platform that enables the hosting provider to leverage the advantages of both Xen and Openvz.

He sported long hair, usually played the guitar well into the wee hours at his house in Sector 6, HSR Layout and his shoulder tattoo read `God is a F***** Idiot’. – ToI

What’s sad to note is the fact that many of the sites (close to 100,000) hosted by LxLabs’s software’s were destroyed by hackers who targeted a zero-day vulnerability in a widely-used virtualization application.

Little is known about the people who attacked the site. So far, there are no known reports of individuals taking credit for the hack. The breach was likely the result of a SQL injection attack that penetrated Vaserv’s central management software and removed vital binaries and data for about half of all user data stored by the service – source

While the real reasons for his suicide is not yet known, it’s definitely sad to see a news like this.

May Lingesh’s soul rest in peace.

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