After Silicon Valley, it’s Bangalore!

As per’s hot techspot report, Bangalore is the number 2 techspot worldwide, i.e. among the top 20 tech destinations that are making the biggest contribution to the technology landscape.

Of the top 20 hotspots, India has the highest number of hot techspots (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune), US has 3 and UK has 2.

Do you really agree with this? I mean is Bangalore really comparable to Silicon Valley? Forget the revenue impact and the number of jobs created, what about the quality of high end jobs that are happening in Bangalore? The number of patents?

What’s your opinion?

Interestingly, Bangalore engineers are the costliest in the country!

The complete list:

Silicon Valley,Bangalore,London,Tokyo,Boston,Cambridge,Shanghai,Tel Aviv,Seoul,Beijing,Chennai,Pune, Singapore,Helsinki,Moscow,Hong Kong,Hyderabad,New York,Sydney,Shenzhen.

Interestingly, Asia leads the tech graph and has 11 hotspots!


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