Bangalore Ranks 15 Among Global Startup Ecosystems [Report]

Startup Compass has released its report on startup ecosystems around the world.

The index is produced by ranking ecosystems along five major components: Performance, Funding, Talent, Market Reach, and Startup Experience.


The ecosystems with the most growth in VC investments were Berlin (12x), Bangalore (4x), Boston (3.7x), Amsterdam (2x), and Seattle (2x). Meanwhile, Silicon Valley almost doubled up with 93% growth from 2013 to 2014, with indications from Crunchbase that almost all of the increase in Silicon Valley funding was in late stage Series B and Series C+ capital rather than early stage capital, which was relatively stagnant.

The startup ecosystems with the fastest annual growth in the number of seed rounds over the last two years were Bangalore (53%), Sydney 33%), and Austin (30%). Boston, Vancouver, and Montreal all experienced relatively modest growth.

The startup ecosystems which made the biggest leaps are New York, Austin, Bangalore, Singapore, and Chicago. New York City made a significant leap among the established players, moving from position #5 to #2 to take the silver medal. Austin, Texas, meanwhile leapt all the way into #14th place, whereas three years ago they didn’t even crack the top 20. Bangalore moved from #19 to #15, Singapore from #17 to #10, Berlin from #15 to #9, and Chicago from #10 to #7.

– Download the report.

Notes from Ashsih: Important to note that the report has largely been based on partnership with Techcrunch over its Crunchbase data, which is quite debatable. Startups, once they have raised seed funding, stop caring about these databases. That is, unless Crunchbase’ editorial team is updating the data very regularly (every minute), there is definitely lack of freshness in the data.

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