Bangalore Traffic Violators Caught “Green Handed”

When you observe too many vehicles taking U-turns, you get a feeling “oh! It’s the traffic police”.  Violating the traffic rules is the second most loved hobby of Indians, the first one is criticizing. So to tackle the violators and to make them remember their mistake, Bangalore has their own version of Green Rangers (not the power ranger), the Traffic Police.

Matter of Fact

Inspector L.Y. Rajesh, full time cop and an environmentalist has been the backbone of this initiative where the traffic violators, when caught are handed a sapling!
Yes, a sapling as a memento of their bravery and dumbness. The traffic police of Bangalore is gifting sapling as a complimentary to the Challan ticket. This idea occurred to inspector Rajesh when he encountered Delhi’s third most terrifying entity, SMOG.

“All of these violators had to be told what will happen if they do not follow traffic rules. Also, they should be rewarded in some way or the other so that they always remember their mistake and have a happy and safe ride,” said Rajesh (via: BangaloreMirror).

“I have seen many accidents on this road and people commit the same mistakes every day. When they pay a fine, they move on without learning any lesson. This is why I gave them a sapling as I wanted to educate them. When this sapling grows into a tree, they will be reminded of their mistake each time they look at it. Hopefully, then they will never commit the same mistake again,” he said.
Inspector Rajesh visits many schools to impart the importance of pollution and environment preservation. He believes that students can shape the future and that is the reason why he entrust 8th standard students with sapling; so for the next three years of their high school, they can grow the sapling under their guidance and this creates a sense of responsibility towards the nation as well as the environment. Inspector Rajesh also distributes the sapling among his subordinates and his dear ones. He conducts meeting with local to encourage preservation of nature.

Take a bow!!!
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