– use your social network to beat the hell out of telemarketing spams

Indian Startups – use your social network to beat the hell out of telemarketing spams

Even though TRAI has launched Do-not-call registry, chances are that your cell phone is still being bombarded by marketers selling credit cards/personal loans and of course, country club packages!bankaro

Folks from maxHeap have come up with an innovative solution (called Bankaro) to help you ban these telemarketers :- they want you to use your social network for the same.

What is Bankaro all about? does its magic by exploiting the crucial insights below:

  • Spam calls are based on extensive user profiling, which is again dependent on the user’s purchasing patterns, credit card usage, employer details, salary details, etc.
  • Telemarketing campaigns are generally targetted at blocks of users, and even if 2-3 of every 100 targets respond positively, the cost of reaching out to 100 targets is justified.

The main point of action is to make it economically infeasible for telemarketers to do their “business” by attacking their cost structure.

How does it work?
Ban Karo is designed as a special-purpose social network. Every user receives a set of new telemarketing spam numbers on a periodic basis, via SMS, the website, or browser extensions. These numbers are passed through the user’s circle of trust [connections that (s)he’s built up in the network].
The circle of trust, in turn, acts as a social filtering mechanism which ensures that only those numbers which are most likely to call up the user and irritate him/her are on the list.

Where do the numbers come from?
Just like email spam filters, the BanKaro adaptive spam filtering mechanism is effective upwards of 99% of the time. However, some calls do sneak through and disturb the user. So, just as one would check the box in Gmail and “Report Spam”, all the user has to do is pull down the BanKaro menu from the browser extension, type in the number, and “Submit”. The BanKaro system takes care of the rest. Every single number reported has the potential to save thousands of phone calls and hours of wasted time.

BanKaro has been started by couple of guys from IIT Roorkee and KGP; and is currently undergoing limited beta testing.

Do give BanKaro a dekho and share your comments – I am surely gonna use this service to beat the shit out of telemarketers. And you?
Watch their demo video.

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