Barcamp Delhi on May 17th

Barcamp Delhi’s 4th edition has been announced and is scheduled for May 17th @ Amity Audi, Noida.

The event has a little commercial + reality TV touch in the name of BugTale

Just email us the most enjoyable bug fix, coding/design problem or any hack that you enjoyed most and would love to share with others. We would invite the authors of most interesting BugTale on stage to share it with all. The audience would vote for each participant at real time and the bugTale with most entries get to win a FREE IPOD.

Somehow the idea of giving away contest-based-free-iPod makes me uncomfortable, since barcamp is all about intentional participation and not really about such contest based participation – unless they have roped in Apple as one of the sponsors (and as of writing this post, I don’t see that).

Anyways, there are couple of interesting sessions planned and if you are attending BCD4, do share your first-hand experience!

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