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If you’re like me, you have at least a few dozen books lying around at home that you’ve already read. There are ways you can sell the books to a used books store, or even on a classifieds site or community, but it’s usually too much effort to take a pic, upload it, and then you’re never sure about selling it.

barterli Most book lovers wouldn’t mind swapping books. And that’s what was started for (download the app).

Short take on

The service is not mobile first, it’s mobile ONLY! Seriously works. Why? Read on

  • Because it’s aware of where you are as you Facebook/Google-login,

  • And gets you to pick a favourite landmark/cafe around where you’d prefer to do the swap/deal

  • You can upload books manually, or scan the barcode. Adding a book is very easy!

  • You can chat (in app) with someone who’s listed a book.

  • You can choose to sell/barter your books. Lend would be nice to, since it’s to a trackable user.

  • The entire transaction is totally p2p.

  • It’s not clear what folks would like to barter in exchange – this would be good to have. A mechanism to be able to make offers in exchange would be cool too.

  • The search is basic right now. As the list of books (decently seeded, though small) grows, this will be critical to fix.

Pretty awesome (again, I love books, in fact pre-worshipped books, so please excuse the bias)!

Loved the ease of getting started with it, as well as the lowering of barriers to actually putting up one’s books up for bartering. If they add lending, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using this a lot.

Now, here’s who and what they are in their own words:

“The idea – is a community-based android app through which we aim to create libraries in every corner of the world and share a billion books. We want to create a Global Community, a library in every corner of the world, access to which you can carry around in your pocket.

Our repo on has over 1000 commits from double digit developers. others have been contributing on our FB page.

People can upload their books in the app and see which ones others have uploaded in and around their preferred location. Then they can have a private chat within the app itself, meet up at a convenient location and buy/sell/exchange their books.”

Download that and give it a spin. Might be very useful.

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