Whats up with WhatsApp for BlackBerry? [Updated]


Whats up with WhatsApp for BlackBerry? [Updated]

whatsapp2-bb10When BlackBerry 10 launched one of the major problems was the shortage of apps. BlackBerry promised that would be fixed and at the launch said that popular apps on other platforms would be soon available. One of the most anticipated apps was WhatsApp (after all, WhatsApp wants to be THE BBM killer).

So today, when we heard that WhatsApp was finally available for download for BlackBerry 10, we pulled out our Z10 and rushed to Blackberry World, and hit download. That’s where we were met with disappointment. Even though the app is listed on the store and it downloads the 7MB file, the app would not install. We tried this multiple times and it failed every single time.  Even though the app has a 4 star rating we spotted many reviews with users having the same issues like us.

UPDATE: Neeraj Arora of WhatsApp contacted us and pointed out that in order to install and use WhatsApp Messenger on BlackBerry 10, one will need to have  Software Release, otherwise known as BB OS Version installed on the Z10. Once we did update (which was a massive 727 MB file), we were finally able to install and use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was built natively for BB 10 and brings support for push notifications, as well as integration with BlackBerry Contacts, thus eliminating the need to manually re-enter phone numbers. What we like about WhatsApp for BB10 was that it used BB10 elements and was not a straight port from the Android or iOS app. It has all the peak functions that are native to BB10 and the notifications have Hub support.

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging app that allows users to chat, send pictures, videos, audio and even their location to other users of WhatsApp for free. WhatsApp is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and even Nokia S40 devices. There is no charge for sending messages and uses only your data connection.

You can check out the video where we had issues downloading WhatsApp before updating our Z10 below. It all works fine now.

BlackBerry Messaging was one of the key features that made BlackBerry a success in its early days. The simplicity with which one could send a message made it a feature to envy. But with the advent of cross-messaging apps like WhatsApp, the feature slowly lost its draw. BBM which was a paid feature in the past is now a free feature on BlackBerry 10 that also uses just your data connection to send messages.

BlackBerry’s first BB10 device, the Z10, is available in India for Rs 43,490. Last week, the BlackBerry India MD Sunil Dutt resigned very suddenly, so it looks the troubles for BlackBerry are far from over.

You can find the link for download here. Do let us know if you have better luck.

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