BBA graduate is delivering your food: What's wrong India?

Well educated youths who have B.Tech,MBA and BBA degrees are opting to be rather work as a food delivery boy, than starting at a much lower pay grade, which could hold some opportunity rather in the future.

A BBA graduate is not thinking twice over being a delivery boy, as long as he is earning Rs.32,000 per month.

“Why” this story:
Because most of us have ordered food online and many of us work in/for the industry. Many questions are hitting the head.
What is the ideal job for a BBA graduate? Do we need to introspect if he/she starts working as a delivery boy, not because he has absolutely no jobs, but because he is being paid several times over? Is this ethical and right way to do business? What happens when the company folds down?
The Perspective:
The economics of pure play food delivery has long been questioned, many have folded up and some have been just lucky to be the “last man standing”. Business model has not worked even from where it has been copy-pasted. India have seen some food deliveries company close in an ugly manner, where both investors and founders left the employee on God’s will.
“What” of this story:
What is the ethics which stops a food delivery company from denying a BBA graduate, a delivery job for being highly over-qualified? What would then an un-educated rural youth would do? What is the social obligation of a unicorn (and it’s investors), or everything is left for the government to do?
If you have an insight, please your valuable comment everyone!

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