BBA graduate is delivering your food: What’s wrong India?

Well educated youths who have B.Tech,MBA and BBA degrees are opting to be rather work as a food delivery boy, than starting at a much lower pay grade, which could hold some opportunity rather in the future.

A BBA graduate is not thinking twice over being a delivery boy, as long as he is earning Rs.32,000 per month.

“Why” this story:
Because most of us have ordered food online and many of us work in/for the industry. Many questions are hitting the head.
What is the ideal job for a BBA graduate? Do we need to introspect if he/she starts working as a delivery boy, not because he has absolutely no jobs, but because he is being paid several times over? Is this ethical and right way to do business? What happens when the company folds down?
The Perspective:
The economics of pure play food delivery has long been questioned, many have folded up and some have been just lucky to be the “last man standing”. Business model has not worked even from where it has been copy-pasted. India have seen some food deliveries company close in an ugly manner, where both investors and founders left the employee on God’s will.
“What” of this story:
What is the ethics which stops a food delivery company from denying a BBA graduate, a delivery job for being highly over-qualified? What would then an un-educated rural youth would do? What is the social obligation of a unicorn (and it’s investors), or everything is left for the government to do?
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  1. I am not sure whether you are self-employed or otherwise; but if you are employed in any company, there is a very simple way to find out.
    We can ask the HR Head of the company, whether she/he would be willing to employ a BBA in an entry level marketing/sales position, if the graduate has worked 6 months to one year as a food delivery boy.
    If the HR head says “Yes”, then there is still some faith in the humanity. But we all know, what would be the answer; else there would not have been such a story in very first place.

  2. You don’t have to be scared at all, for what?
    Take a low paying job at any company, fight for 6 months to one year and if you are worth it, you would rise both in pay and rank.
    Always remember, the fight is only for that first job. If you are good, then you are on an automatic roll after that.
    So however long the carrot dangling in front of you, always remember the above.
    And never ever opt to work as a ” BBA Delivery Boy” unless, you or your family members are dying of hunger.

  3. 1) Working even temporarily in such a job, just because it is paying way high is highly detrimental to one’s career. How many employers are going to accept such candidate, when the food delivery company shuts down and the guy is out of a job.
    2) Like I said earlier, a BBA graduate would never count “Delivery Boy” as a choice of option as a career.
    3) A degree is a degree. We are just lucky that we won the “birth lottery” and were privy to so called “better educational institute”.
    4) On Unicorns: There is a social and moral imperative when one is operating a company in a society. Those who forget this are later doomed. Examples, a galore!
    5) On Government Jobs: There is no comparison between the job of an unicorn and that of a Government job. If someone asks me, I’d rather be a peon of Government Of India, than a CXO in any of the unicorns.

  4. I agree with mukesh jaiswal instead of giving a black or white opinion on this topic one should evaluate allthe aspects mentioned. I’d like to add one more. All the degrees mentioned have very high tuition fees, easily around 7-8, thus what can one do when he has to repay this amount. Another aspect is such a job could be taken for a short period to improve one’s own cash flow position. Now after that it isupto to the person whether his aim is to be a delivery boy or he works onhimself to get into the career of his choice.

  5. It’s because India is so corrupted that the people with power misuse the power to do wrong things to the people who r right! There are bad people doing good and the good people doing bad things in this country. India is so illegal that people can become police officers by buying it everything is for sale in India

  6. This is even more unfair with the students scoring BBA/MBA degree and becoming a delivery man . This one should think that why than education units are charging heavily on education . Paying highly for their education and becoming a delivery man this is rediculous
    Wasting time and money for education is no need to become a delivery man.
    Our education system and placement system needs a correction and the government should be able to get create sufficient jobs for the students.

  7. There is no value of education now a days in India. Many people just buy the degree these days. The one who have actually completed degree with their Soo much hard work and cost doesn’t work sometime. We only need some of our relatives in higher post or MLAs to get reference and get job irrespective of our qualifications the one who don’t have none of them to give reference turn up joining whatever work they get to servive and recover the money they have wasted on their degrees.

  8. India’s too worst and sad and bad thing is many educated and highly educated people are waiting or looking for job otherwise doing some irrelevant job. Such a most tragedy is educated people working as food delivery boy.
    Where is going our India…..???
    Uneducated people are reigns the Govt of India then how we can improve…..
    Every govt employees should get retirement in their age of 50… Those who registered and waiting for job in Employment office they should be appointed in their posts who retired.

  9. All this because of the hunger of MNC’S and other local companies opting for graduates who are having 3-4 experience, Ye swiggy Aur uber eats, food panda, zomato vale bina experience ke bhi Achi salary pay kar re. Banda fresh graduate hokar bekar phirne se Acha food delivery Ka Kaam kar lera.

  10. Democratic country,any one can do their job what ever field they want to be,chaY Wala PM ,any proffessional can become IAS IPS from DOCTORS ENGINEERS ETC.Sonmany Good people associating with criminals
    and became politicians n ruling governments.why can’t one innocent BBA GRADUATE CAN DO THE JOB OF HIS OWN CHOICE.

  11. Democratic country,any one can do their job what ever field they want to be,chaY Wala PM ,any proffessional can become IAS IPS from DOCTORS ENGINEERS ETC.Sonmany Good people associating with criminals
    and became politicians n ruling governments.why can’t one innocent BBA GRADUATE CAN DO THE JOB OF HIS OWN CHOICE.

  12. There are many aspects to this story. One, they (BBA, MBA and B.Tech Graduates) might be doing this kind of jobs temporarily to meet their expenses until they get another good job of their choice. Second, like anyone, once you get your degree, it’s your choice what you do with your academic expertise. The choice might be based on the self-evaluation of own caliber and/or experiences from the competitive job market.
    And the third is, we are comparing these delivery boy’s degrees (BBA, MBA and B. Tech) with the degrees from good colleges which I think is unfair. The degree is the same but the quality of education including the employability aspect is missing from our education system. And that’s why we see this trend.
    And the last one is, why should unicorn (Companies in general) be bothered when they are getting manpower who are better than those who have not studied at all. Think of Government jobs for a moment, you will see people from all academic backgrounds, people who are overqualified for the job but still applying for peon and sweeper. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s emotion but this is the fact.

  13. The situation here is directly related to a thought … Padh likh kar bada aadmi banega .
    NowA days padh likh kar is one thing
    And bada aadmi is another

  14. hopefully the BBA grad will learn some professional skills doing this. like being on time, attention to details etc which were not there when he or she graduated from degree mills…oops colleges
    cry me a river really. if you need a better job, show you have the skills out of college.

  15. There is good and bad about it.
    The good news is that they atleast have a job.
    The bad news is that they will stop growing / stop being ambitious after a point.
    Given India’s unemployment numbers – I like how food delivery companies are able to generate employment; but maybe they also need to be a little more aware of how many careers will get destroyed by the *lust* of easy money.

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