BBM Protected Now Supports Secure Chatting On iOS and Android Devices

BlackBerry rolled out its BBM Protected IM service for enterprise users last year, however in order to chat securely both parties had to have the app installed on their devices.
Now, the company has announced that BBM Protected users will be able to securely chat with even non-BBM Protected users, and that the service has also been rolled out for iOS and Android devices.
The move is in line with BlackBerry’s new business plan to bring its services to rival platforms, helping show off its prowess to users in an attempt to bring them back to its own platform.
Moreover, bringing BBM Protected to iOS and Android will boost the service’s adoption by organizations, as companies can’t control what platform their clients and partners use for communication.
BlackBerry cites Ponemon Institute which has found that the average cost per data breach for companies has exceeded $6 million USD. Using BBM Protected will help prevent man-in-the middle attacks, providing greater security for information shared on mobile devices.

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