BCCL acquires minority stake in Stem One Biologicals, Cord Blood Bank

BCCL (Bennnett, Coleman & Co) has picked up a minority stake in Stem One Biologicals, a autologous cord blood bank.

‘Autologous banking’, is the process of collecting stem cells from a patient and storing it for later use by the patient (is used for stem cell transplantations).

Stem cells can be used for the treatment of a number of cosmetology related ailments and life-threatening diseases like cancer, thalassemia, Parkinson’s, Cardiac related problems and Hyper-tension during pregnancy. With our 24×7 service and a specialized team of doctors, managers and scientists, we will provide our clients with the best possible facilities. Our tie-up with BCCL is only going to help us in our endeavour to secure the future of millions – MD, Stem One Biologicals

BCCL has invested in companies like naaptol, taxshax, travelchacha, Paramount Airways, Clinical Research Institute etc and the arrangement typically works on equity trading (provides advertising and branding across its network).

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