Be authentic online and create content with this framework

  • Educate – provide value for free – build in public and share what you’ve learned
  • Inspire – share your struggles, successes and show people what’s possible
  • Entertain – just have more fun while educating and inspiring people – crack jokes, make people laugh
  • Trust the feedback loop – as you keep sharing, you’ll collect more data on what works and what doesn’t

Middle of the Funnel – Emails and Communities

Building an email list gives you a direct line to your customers that’s not controlled by private companies, algorithms or advertising

Do the same with emails as any other content – educate -> inspire -> entertain

By collecting emails, the sale isn’t the end of the transaction between you and the customer – they become part of your audience and hear from you again and again

Bottom of the Funnel – Sales – now the customers buy.

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