How To Become a Product Manager Without An Experience

“One company might have a product manager that’s primarily focused around business, market analysis, business relationships, etc with only a little bit on the creative and the technical side. Another might have a greater focus on UI/UX and design, or (you guessed it) the technical aspects.”

Product managers generally lead and work across teams to get their product designed, built and launched. They’re responsible for getting data, analytics and expertise together and making the final call on product decisions.

The exciting thing about product management is that there’s no one road to becoming a product manager. There’s no official certification you need to enter this field. There are no barriers to entry – and it’s a role where you can make a real tangible impact at your organization.

The truth is, the best product managers are self-taught.

If you’re serious about product management, the best way to prepare is by getting out there, listening and learning from other people’s experiences.


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