The Beer Biceps story: How the video content creator built a 7 Million+ strong Community on social media in 5 years

How I built a 7 Million+ strong COMMUNITY on social media, in 5 years.

(A thread)

But in the long term, BIG money will come from brands.

Therefore accumulate numbers and create your own niche.

How to get numbers?
– Entertain or Educate or Motivate

– Create videos/pieces that address people’s most common questions/thoughts about the niche you’ve chosen.

People will STICK with your social media handles when :
– They see FRESH content (either the style or the information or the feeling of it)
– When they see YOU evolving as a person.
– When you still retain some of the ORIGINALITY for which they’d followed you initially.
Stay consistent with releases

If need be, only select 1 or 2 social media platforms that you play games within.

Depending on the kind of community you wish to build, prioritise amongst :
– YT (loyalty)
– Instagram (brand money)
– LinkedIn/Twitter (professional opportunities)

These were the ‘social media basics’.

But if you wish to SCALE your brand :-
– Delegate furiously.
– TEACH, mentor & retain a great team.
– Network with people from outside social media (for perspective & humility)
– Ask yourself : What beyond these digital numbers?

What did I do beyond running my English self-help brand ‘BeerBiceps’ ?

– In 2017 : Co-founded @MonkEtweets. Talent management & content marketing firm (50+ work force)

– In 2018 : Founded Hindi brand ‘Ranveer Allahbadia’

– In 2019 : Created the podcast brand ‘The Ranveer Show’

In 2020, we have a 80+ member team working across multiple organizations.

Currently working on 2 more YouTube based digital brands (Our Hindi podcast brand and a Hindi language digital version of ‘National Geographic’)

Also working on building a self-help based app.

Big challenges & solutions I discovered :
– How to retain motivation? Take breaks regularly.
– How to deal with trolling? Toughen up.
– How to deal with stagnation? Write/upload SOMETHING every day.
– How to secure your future? Find co-founders & build revenue streams together.
The one thing I ALWAYS believe that could have accelerated things is GUIDANCE.

Have always been blessed with ‘Business mentors’.

But NO social media mentors.
Someone who could have pointed out my mistakes before I made them.

That’s why, here’s a huge announcement.

The greatest SOCIAL MEDIA HACK (besides consistent hard work) is mentoring.

Social media is an ‘experiment based’ game.

If you’re thinking about 10 experiments, only 1 will succeed.

I hope to be the ‘Social media mentor’ who helps you pin point your likely “HIT experiment”.

So if you’re an aspiring content creator or a hopeful digital entrepreneur… Know these truths :-

– All your dreams are possible.
– Guidance will make your process easier/faster.
– A strong online brand in the 2020s will set you up for the REST of this century.

Good luck!

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