Behavioral Changes that come with Google Instant Search

It’s been 1.5 days of using Google Instant search (the new search experience) and I noticed a few behavioral change the new experience is bringing on me.


To throw certain perspective, I am an avid searcher and my browsing starts with the ‘C’ word, i.e. Chrome.

Behavioral Change #1 : The Race to

Chrome auto suggest feature has been a great help, but now I have started hopping to Why? Because I enjoy witnessing the results change as I type.  For complex queries, Google fails most of the times and that’s where the results-as-you-type gives you a good idea of the related pages/queries. It throws an approximately related query that helps in the search process.

Essentially, what this means is that is becoming my starting point for all queries (and in the process, Google attracts more pageviews, serves more ads), which earlier was hogged over by the distribution channels (like integration in the URL bar etc).

Behavioral Change #2 : Great Expectations

The Google Instant search experience has pushed the envelope for all Internet properties and the ‘G’reat expectations now rubs across all the ‘search boxes’.

Last night, I was using Bing and expected the search engine to behave in a similar fashion – i.e. update results as-I-type, predict queries and in the process, help me get to the right answer asap.

Only to realize that Bing is not Google!

Google earlier changed the way we interacted with search bar and now, it is changing the way we interact with search engine. Expect them to roll out ‘Instant’ search to other properties and build a ‘Google’ experience around it. And sincerely hoping Bing pushes the envelope further.

What has been your experience with the ‘G’ launch?

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