Behavioral Psychology You Should Know

Behavioral Psychology You Should Know. – Thread –
1. Friends After Love. If you can remain as just friends with your ex-lover, either you still in love or never were.
2. Good And Bad Things About People. Your brain tends to question good things you hear about people, but believes bad ones without a second thought.
3. True Confession Time. Late night conversations are more honest as you tend to confess more honestly when you are tired.
4. Happiness Secret. You will tend to feel more happy and confident after you faced your fears.
5. Language Effect. If you speak multiple languages, your personality tends to change subconsciously with the language you speak.
6. Good Relationships. Good relationships lead to a longer life than exercise.
7. Importance To Others. You tend to give more importance to people who ignore you and ignore people who pay attention to you.
8. Text Message Impact. Good morning and good night text messages activate a part of your brain and makes you happy.
9. Best Idea Time. 73 percent of people get their best creative ideas in the shower.
10. Misleading Attractiveness. You perceive someone who looks attractive as trustworthy and sincere. Which may not be true always.
11. Complaining Attitude. Almost 80% of us tend to complain about something when we speak in group.
12. Inclination Towards Perfect Moments. Your mind spends 70% of time replaying memories and create scenarios of perfect moments.
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