Bengaluru Scientist Claims Medical Device Can Deactivate COVID-19 Virus


  • A Bengaluru scientist named Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, who is also the chairman of a medical research organization named Organisation De Scalene, claims to have built a device that can neutralize coronavirus in any environment to disinfect the area within a limited distance.
  • It is named the ‘Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon’ or ‘Shycocan’ and is supposedly less than the size of a microwave oven, working like an air-purifier in closed locations.


  • It is claimed that the device releases a huge amount of electrons that neutralize the ‘viral electrons’ of the virus in the area. After which, any consumption or inhalation of these neutralized viruses will not result in any damage to the individual.
  • The device has been in the works since April 2019, when the organization was looking for a way to disinfect their workplace from flus and other illnesses that easily transmit from one scientist to another, causing absenteeism.

What now?

  • Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar says that they have reached out to the University of Maryland and an unnamed institute in Mexico who would like to test the device.
  • He claims that he wrote to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the first week of February but has not received a response yet.
  • Post-validation the device can apparently be mass produced for between Rs. 600 – Rs. 4000 based on the size of the device.

Why do I need to know this?

  • In light of the global pandemic, we are likely to see a number of claims by inventors and innovators. Many of them might amount to nothing or even be false.
  • But there is real innovation happening, and we have seen evidence of that in the West with 3D printed ventilator parts to AI working on identifying drug compounds that can effectively combat COVID-19.
  • However, this is the first story of its kind from India and is worth keeping an eye out just for this. Again, the veracity of the claims are as yet unconfirmed and we will update the story soon.

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