Useful resources: Best Business Model in the world, VCs switch to Efficient Energy..and more

The Best Business model in the World also the simplest: make stuff that’s insanely great. ..That kind of stuff doesn’t need a hard sell, a new market, or a convoluted product range. It just needs to be.

Business model innovation is often self-defeating and self-destructive. The real problem withbusiness model innovation is that it dilutes the incentives to make good stuff in the first place. It lets boardrooms hide from the profound challenge of making insanely great stuff in the first place. [more]

Discovery-driven Growth: The Only Plan Is to Learn as You Go

For companies planning to launch new initiatives during uncertain times, it’s important “to know from the start that the plan is wrong,” . Assumptions are what get most companies into trouble,“the only plan is to learn as you go.”

Investors Switch from Alternative Energy to Efficient Energy

Venture capital is starting to move away from its infatuation with alternative energy and returning to one of its traditional strengths: applying information technology to improve the efficiency of energy consumption.

Many investors say developing new forms of energy can consume hundreds of millions of dollars over many years before showing any return. – more

Vodafone to Redefine the Mobile Internet Experience

Vodafone’s initiative will enable content partners and developers to create a range of attractive mobile internet services that can be rolled out to all Vodafone customers.
Developers will only need to create internet applications once in order to reach millions of Vodafone customers on any device and will be able to charge for it directly through Vodafone’s billing system. This will provide internet content partners, such as the media or game developers, with a cost-efficient and effective micro-payments system to reach all customers on mobile devices. [more]

Ogilvy’s Recession Site

Ogiilvy has launched a recession site, to help brands optimize their advertising/marketing strategy during recession time.

While it’s also a self-PR site (painful navigation), there are quite a few useful tips for brand marketers.

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