What’s the Best Duration for Business Videos & Demos [Explained]

So, you’ve decided to include a business video on your homepage…excellent! Naturally the length of the video must be one of the first questions that comes to your mind. Well, when you decide on the duration, many things come into play, for example, your budget. But the first and most obvious question you need to look into has to be, “Why do you need the business video?”

You most definitely need a short video if what you are looking for is:

Quick Explanation

Most websites carry their business videos on their homepage. When visitors come to your site and see a lot of words, they feel impatient. Who really has the time for all those words?… On an average a visitor stays only for 10-20 seconds on a website.

Result? They leave the website without even understanding the potential of your product and service. Now imagine in this situation, if your website had a video: your visitors would naturally click on it to get a quick explanation.  So, your business videos have to be short, to-the-point, and entertaining. If you were to present viewers with a longer video, you’d actually be driving away customers.Long Video Short Video

A Fast Pitch

It has been indicated by research that people stay 50% longer if the website has a video. Obviously these are the few extra minutes they stay on your site watching the video.  So this is your best chance to make your sell, if you have to convince your viewers it has to be in those few minutes.  A brief video is critical! Sell short, sell strong!


If you are making a business video hoping to make it go viral, then it has to be short…hands down. People rarely share long videos… and sharing long BUSINESS videos? Unheard of! Besides, such a video will get buffered faster in all places, including those with a slow internet, bringing more visibility with it. With the help of Youtube, a well crafted viral video can reach a million views in less than 3 days. For instance, take this video by Dollar Shave Club which around one and a half minutes long. The video is funny, fast-paced and irreverent. People loved and shared it and before you knew it had gone viral. The traffic attracted by the video, crashed the company’s server in the first hour! Today it has 12 million plus views and counting!

However, there are some situations when long business videos maybe alright.


If you have to speak on educating the viewer on something, for example, if it is a product demonstration video, then you should try to make the video as lucid as possible. Of course, having a short video helps, but if the explanation demands length, so be it.


If you have subscribers or the viewership of your business videos is membership based, your viewers may expect a certain amount of content from your video. Or they may know that you provide high-quality content, so they’ll not mind watching a longer video.

Still, if you have some way of making your videos shorter, by all means, do it. If you have one long video that can be broken down into several smaller videos, or episodes, people may be able to digest your videos better. Also, they will have the option of choosing the points that best interest them.

By and large, through various researches done all over the world, including the research by Mypromovideos, it has been found that shorter videos work better than longer ones. Our data indicates that for a video about a minute in length, as much as 80% of the viewers were watching it to the end as opposed to only 59% for a 2 minute-plus video.  So if you are looking to decide on the length of your business video, 60 seconds would be a sweet spot.

Final word, if your content is exceptional, all rules go out of the window!

Author Bio: Vimida is the Senior Scriptwriter and Creative Director at Mypromovideos. She has more that 8 years experience as a writer. She enjoys stories, animations and all things creative.

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