6tag is the Most Feature Rich Instagram Client for Windows Phones [App Review]

For people missing Instagram on Windows phone, there are over half dozen unofficial apps like InPic, Instagraph, Instance and 6tag. We found 6tag to be the one with the most and it is free and even allows video uploads.
6tag Instagram Client for Windows Phone
6tag Instagram Client for Windows Phone

People say that the biggest problem with Windows Phone 8 is the lack of apps. When you ask these same people which apps are missing, the answers you most likely are to hear are Flipboard and Instagram, two apps which are highly popular on iOS and Android.

A number of third party developers have released their own versions of Instagram. The photo sharing service itself has over a half dozen unofficial apps like InPic, Instagraph, Instance and 6tag. We found 6tag to be the one with the most and it is free and even allows video uploads.

6tag is one of the newer Instagram apps to hit the Windows Phone Store and is the only one that has the ability to view and upload still images and video to your Instagram account.

When it comes to the user interface and design of the app it has a very minimalistic and simple approach which we found refreshing.

Just like the official apps on Android and iOS, 6tag displays pictures of yours, and the people you follow from your Instagram timeline on the main page. There are 3 control buttons at the bottom which allow you to pull up your activity, launch the upload process, and search Instagram. The three dot menu contains more settings. Flipping the image allows you to get the like, share and comment button and also allows you to save the image locally.

6tag allows you to modify your Instagram profile and link various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and FourSquare.It also allows you to comment on others pictures and also geotag your own photo or view other member’s tagged photos in map view.

Being almost as feature rich as the official clients it even allows you to delete your image from Instagram and it also has the added ability to save photos locally.

To upload a picture, 6tag allows you to upload images from your Pictures Hub or launch a native camera app to capture a new image to upload. The camera app has the usual settings which allows you to click a picture or video, toggle on/off a Rule of Thirds grid, choose between front and rear cameras, and flash controls.

Once you have clicked or chosen an image you can choose from 19 different filters. These are pretty much the same as the official app. You can also rotate, add borders, blur and add contrast to your images. They help you fine tune the image before uploading.

We tried out the filters and can say that they produced some great results, but do remember some images are best left without any effects added.

Video capture on 6tag is simple and one can do it by holding the physical shutter button. 6tag allows you to upload up to 30 seconds of video, even though the official app allows only 15 seconds. The ability to add video is where 6tag scores over other Instagram WP8 clients.

While viewing a video in the timeline it has a status bar which shows how much has finished playing. We wish the official apps had this.

The free version has ads, but you can get rid of them through an in-app purchase of $1.29.

Using the app, we can comfortably say that we don’t miss the official client and this is definitely worth a try. Even if a official client does arrive finally, we can see ourselves using this app because of the simple UI and ease of uploading pictures and videos.

Download 6tag here.

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