The Coolest iOS Video Editing App Ever [Game Your Video]

gameyourvideo-iconWhile users are clicking and sharing pictures from their smartphones, one does not see a lot of videos. Videos are usually shot on the phone and just seen a few times and forgotten after. When it comes to picture editing on smartphones there are tonnes of tools to enhance and make your images clicked with your phone beautiful. But when it comes to videos, the options are very limited.

Game Your Video by Udupi-based Global Delight is the best app we have come across to add effects to videos and the app has now been bumped up to version 2.1 with some significant upgrades such as the ability to add typography and more to your videos on your iPhone and iPod touch. Users can also upload those videos in 640×480 resolution to Facebook and YouTube.

The app has seen over a million downloads and 2.5 million videos created with it since it was launched in January 2012, and has received many awards including Winner of App Store Best of 2012, Macworld Best of Show 2012 and DEMO India 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

Features of the App

Game Your Video lets you edit videos in a game-like environment. Using the app, you can individually apply motion effects, audio transformations and filters to your video or choose from flavor themes as the basic editing scheme for your videos. The app allows you to cut, combine or reverse your videos. There is also an option to select a song from your iTunes library as a background track.

There are various motion effects like slow motion, fast motion, visual echo, RGB split, spin mirror and Jittter. One can also apply various video flavors like Chaplin, Zombie and SciFi. There are various visual effects to change the mood of the video like Nostalgia, Noir, 70’s, B&W, Blockbuster and Old school.

Using a combination of the effects and with some amount of patience, anyone can easily create amazing videos. Game Your Video takes the extremely sophisticated process of video editing and using a intuitive and simple UI makes video creation as easy as playing a game.

One of the best features of Game Your Video is that one can apply the effects to a video already taken or to a live within shot with the app and apply the effects on the go.

New Features in 2.1


Adding to an already rich set of features, Game Your Video now allows you to overlay text on your videos. There are 6 fonts which can be put in three sizes and 6 color options. That pretty much gives a user 108 options to play around with. We tested this out on our iPod Touch and found that we were addicted to the app creating videos and adding text randomly. The resulting videos were really good. One can use the text with the already existing effects making for really good videos. One can also place the text anywhere on the screen. The UI is consistent with the rest of the app making this feature easy to learn.

Another feature on the latest version is the ability for users to upload videos at 480p. This increases the video quality and was a feature we were secretly wishing for.

One can also share videos of other users with your friends via Facebook, Email or iMessage.

Other Platforms?

If you don’t have an iOS devices, then waiting for Game Your Video on your platform is futile. When NextBigWhat asked Guruprasad Kamath, the associate director of marketing at Global Delight if we would soon see Game Your Video on Android and Windows Phone 8, he mentioned: “Game Your Video has some amazing features with live video creation tools and instant actions which is nicely wrapped with a beautiful UI behind complex technology. The same technology is not available on all other platforms or may support some basic things in its current form. We are keeping an eye on the development of these technologies on the other platforms as well.”

If you’re still  looking for a video editing app, download and give Game Your Video a try immediately. This free app is available on the App Store to download on your iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 5 or iOS 6.

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