Best of the Week–Gmail, Failed IRCTC Transactions, UID Project [and more]

This week, we brought the Snapdeal story to you (in a typical UnPluGGd format) and we strongly recommend that you watch the entire story, in order to understand the real story behind the company.

Best of the Week

What Separates Startup Men from Poys [The P word]

What’s the ‘P’ word we are talking here?

Nokia’s Bicycle Charger Kit To be Launched in India (For Rs. 1500)

Nokia’s bicycle charger kit will be launched in the month of March, 2011 and expected price is around Rs. 1500. At this price, if the target segment is rural India, then Nokia should expect people to sell their bicycle to buy this product.

Your Pattern – Your Way

Why is your life a routine? Is  it because you follow a regular pattern of events and happenings through the day?

Spam challenges with Gmail

And why training the anti-spam engine doesn’t work anymore.

Entrepreneur, What If You Die Today? [Family & Personal Finance]

But lets face this tough question – What happens to your family when you are gone ? Assuming that you are injecting a lot of your personal money in the venture (and some of you are still running against EMI demon), have you planned for the D-day?

25% Failure Rate For IRCTC Transactions [December 2010 Report]

As per December data, 11365456 transactions were attempted, out of which 25% were failed transactions. Big businesses like IRCTC can surely cope up with 25% transactional failure rate, but what about startups?

Cheating UID Project’s Biometric System [With Wax and Fevicol]

All it needs is wax, a small dish and a small tube of fevicol to game the system.


India Business

Startup Interview: Snapdeal


Toon: Weapons of Revolution [PI Cartoons]



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