What women want: The Nokia Lumia 520

Couldn’t help but notice how many people have said that women love the new Nokia 520. Ever since my wife bought one last month, I’d been putting off a review. An observation by Ashish yesterday was the last straw. So I went about a sly inquisition, asking her for insights. Here’s what I found.nokialumia520

1. The Lumia 520 is colorful: Do I need to say that women love colors? We bought the phone because it wasn’t too expensive (under Rs 10,000), had most features and looked great. It has a decent camera which takes great photos in daylight. We noticed later that it didn’t have a flash.

2. The phone is handy: I’ve seen quite a lot of women return brand new  phones because they are just too big to fit into their pockets or hands. Apparently, the phone’s 4 inch screen is perfect. If you discount the fact that the touch buttons on the bezel at the bottom don’t glow, its extremely friendly to use.

3. It works with fingernails: The phone’s screen is very responsive and it works with long fingernails. Next to my Micromax Canvas 2 which needs a full finger touch to work nicely, this is a miracle.

4. Battery: At the risk of being called a chauvinistic pig, let me venture to say that Indian women spend a lot of time at home. Before you accuse me of patriarchy, misogyny etc etc, let me hasten to add that I honestly believe that they work much harder than us men. Getting back to the point. The phones are mostly on WiFi at home and so its battery drains much slower than the ones that are on 2G & 3G. This works.

5. Apps: The apparent lack of an app ecosystem with a million “useless” apps don’t seem to be a concern at all. Nokia’s Gmail app works fine. Texting works fine. Whatsapp works fine. YouTube works fine. The Office suite works like a dream. GPS? Check. Search? Check. That’s it. The rest of it rarely bothers 99 % of (did I out do Justice Katju?). For someone who isn’t heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, the damn phone works like magic!

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