The Best of SMEthing, Where Startups & SMEs Meet Great Service Providers


The Best of SMEthing, Where Startups & SMEs Meet Great Service Providers

A few months ago, we launched SMEthing, an online marketplace for buyers & service providers. The idea was to create a platform where startups & SMEs can find good service providers who understand their needs and constraints.

Over the months, SMEthing has grown. We’ve got some great listings on the site and some decent traction. If you are a startup looking for a service, check out the site. Here are a few useful service providers that have listed on the platform recently.

yourbrandZepo is an ecommerce platform which helps small businesses and entrepreneurs open their online store in 5 minutes and start selling online easily. Apart from providing the platform, we also pride ourselves on being more than just an ecommerce platform. We help our store owners with everything from logistics support to payment gateways. So that retailers, small manufacturers and brands can use e-commerce like any other medium of taking orders; LIKE A TELEPHONE!

Visit Zepo here.

Ozonetel Systems

Ozonetel Systems provides business communications on the cloud. The company has created India’s first and most popular cloud telephony platform KooKoo, which has handled more than 650 million calls.Ozonetellogo1-90

KooKoo also powers BizPhone, the cloud PBX product for your business. Sign up for a BizPhone account and setup your virtual office extensions and welcome message. BizPhone is powering the office PBX for more than 200 businesses in India.

The company has also developed a complete contact/call center on the cloud called as Cloudagent, which has replaced traditional call centers in a lot of businesses including enterprises like Agarwal Packers, Wipro, Intuit and companies like Zovi, Taxiforsure, Bigbasket etc.

Visit Ozonetel here.


Vakilsearch is a leading provider of professional services online. Starting a business? Worry not – just leave the process to us and focus on your business.


How can we help? We setup your business, protect your logo and brand-name, prepare crucial legal documents and agreements and also apply for your tax registrations. If things don’t work out as planned, we also assist you in shutting down the business and starting something new.

Visit Vakilsearch here.


Yavvy helps you get new customers and grow existing ones! It’s one single application to manage your customer relationships.


Yavvy helps you Sales Lead Tracking, Order Management, Billing & Invoicing, Inventory & Payment.

Visit Yavvy here.


WhatFix is an easy to use application for creating interactive guides. Interactive guides makes user complete task along with learning, which dramatically reduces customer support queries and encourages self service.

WhatFix interactive guides provides step by step instructions directly inside applications (like a live tour), it can be created with just few clicks (< 5 mins) & can be embedded in any website.

Visit WhatFix here.

Magic Bites

A stickler for hygiene & health when it comes to food for your loved ones? Wanna go that extra mile when it comes to packing yummy snacks for your lil one’s tiffin? You have reached the right spot – The one stop for absolutely yummy baked goodies. We offer cakes, 3D themed cakes, chocolates, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, breads, gift hampers et al.

Visit Magic Bites here.


eLagaan offers end to end CA, CS, Business Legal & Payroll services for businesses. It specializes in formulating investor friendly structures & terms, staying compliant, setting up best practices desired by founders, investors & employees.


This facilitates businesses to grow & scale with ease and stay fundable, saleable and compliant.

Visit eLagaan here.

Web Bazaar

Small Businesses have a common perception that getting online can be tedious, time-consuming and costly. It is this very perception that prevents them from taking the first step in building an online presence. A website for business has become an important factor in determining your business growth. But out of 23 million micro and small businesses in India only 10 % of them are online.


The company aims at enabling its customers to use their web presence as a second shop. Company offers web designing services in Bangalore at highly affordable prices.

Visit Webbazaar here.


JobJoos offers a SaaS platform specially built for SMEs, to increase productivity and reduce costs by factors, in one of the most important functions in any business i.e. hiring/recruiting.


A powerful ATS increases productivity by factors (with seamless integration with email). Video interviews platform reduces short listing time by factors. Social Referral Recruitment platform automates the very effective “referral hiring” methods. Assessments help you pre-screening candidates and save tones of time.

Visit JobJoos here.


Devloopers was started  with an aim to bring creative, effective and affordable Web, App Design and  Development and Other Marketing and IT services to clients. developed a technology called Cluster which divides and distributes the project across nodes.smething1 Each node is handled by one of our 136 dedicated team and further gets divided into sub nodes. Sub nodes are skilled professionals who get the distributed work and as they are master in it it gets done fast and in about one third of cost.

Web Development services like App Development and Design Services.

Visit Develoopers here.


Themis2Themis2THEMIS provides and manages your team of experts to handle your Accounting, HR and Company Secretarial functions. Company conceptualizes, design and structure the framework for the necessary functions. We will embed ourselves in your organization to implement, manage and monitor the necessary functions.

Visit Themis here.

     LinksAlpha is provider of Social Media Marketing Software.

  • Ability to Track Multiple Social Profiles.linksalpha

  • Powerful Social Media Publishing solution.

  • Insightful Analytics for Social, Email, and Ad campaigns.

  • Social Integration for websites using Social Sharing Buttons

Visit LinksAlpha here.

Hinote Systems Private Limited

Hinote offers payroll services and software to organizations in India. We currently manage payroll for thousands of employees across customer organizations all over India.hinote-logo2

Our customer organizations are from sectors such as manufacturing and services including Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and the social sector. We have significant expertise in payroll and information technology.

Visit Hinote here.

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