Best Writing Apps for Mac: A Collection for a Better 2021

There was a time when writing was just a profession for journalists or fiction writers. Today, the Internet has opened new avenues to writers for both novice and expert in earning a livelihood out of publishing all sorts of content online. We are talking here about blogs, opinion pieces, formal writing, and a lot more in the world of content.

Writing applications for Mac users can make a huge difference with their usability.We have compiled a list of 10 Creative Writing Apps for Mac designed to cater to all your needs:

1) Squibler

Squibler provides a really useful and efficient writing tool to help unlock the creative geniuses of every writer. It is an amazing productive hack that helps writers of novels and other books to produce content faster. 

Add to it the feature of ‘Note Cards’ and users realize that they have a gem on their hands. Writers also get to store and even filter their written material with suitable tags.

Price-$9.99/month after one month free trial


2) Scrivener

Here’s an app that is designed for long-form writers and novelists. Scrivener is a popular name among such writers due to its comprehensive and sophisticated structure. 

It allows writers to choose a template that best suits their writing as templates are available for essays, screenplays, and novels. Also, the left-hand sidebar contains sections like notecards and other elements that come in really handy in your writing.

Price-$45 license fee


3) Ulysses

Are you looking for a writing app on Mac that’s the best for productive formatting of written content? Enter Ulysses–a standard writing app that is designed to make the formatting of your work easier. 

On Ulysses, you will also find several informative tutorials alongside its pragmatic features. Moreover, It uses the ‘Markdown’ approach in content formatting, thereby letting writers maintain the flow of their prose while writing. 



4) iA Writer

iA writer is a Mac application for writers who like simplicity in their writing tools. It is crafted with a minimalistic design and easy to use interface with the salient goal to just write. 

One of its key features includes an upper hand toolbar that facilitates speech highlighting like nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. It’s tailor-made for a distraction-free writing experience impervious to the external world.

Price- $29.99 for Mac


5) Final Draft

Final draft serves as another jaw-dropping writing application on Mac for budding screenwriters with a passion for writing their own screenplays. While writing screenplays is a whole different level altogether, Final Draft makes your job easier as a writer.

While the rules are different, and the structure is in sharp contrast to simple novel writing, it serves a really effective tool for screenwriters. Although screenwriters need to be well versed with the principles of creating a good screenplay, Final Draft allows writers to create clean screenplays conveniently.



6) Now Novel

Now Novel is best for novice and aspiring authors with a passion to publish their own book. It is a writing tool that caters specifically to fiction writers only.

It provides writers with an intuitive writing tool that helps them write a fun and entertaining plot for their book. With Now Novel, writers can write about compelling characters, frame out their story outline, and craft an engaging narrative by working with coaches from the writing community.



7) A Soft Murmur

A soft murmur is a one of its kind app for Mac that produces ambient sound to focus on writing. A Soft Murmur is not really a writing app but helps in creating an environment ideal for focusing on your writing.

It ensures solitude and lifts your mood like none other. Mesmerizing sounds of waves, wind, birds, etc. act as welcome music to your ears.



8) Freedom

Freedom is a wonderful app for blocking websites, apps, notifications to avoid distraction while you write your masterpiece. The tons and tons of notifications can really irk you and deter your creativity.

The app gives you freedom from mundane annoyances by blocking websites, apps, and notifications permanently, temporarily, or for a specific period of time. So, if you looking to write peacefully, Freedom is the one-stop solution to your problem.

Price-$6.99 per month after free trial for first 7 sessions


9) Bear

Bear isn’t a pure pro writing rather, one for smaller writing projects and supports Markdown formatting. It has a beautiful user interface and  comes at a low price,

Bear is handy and allows cross-linking between notes, to-dos, and browser extensions to quickly clip things into it. Bear is actually a note-taking app that helps your writing greatly.

Price-$1.49 per month 


10) Byword

Byword is a simple yet useful text editor. It’s ideal for writing a blog post, diary entry, etc. It lets you export your files to text, HTML, or PDF files.

Furthermore, you can publish them directly to third-part apps like Medium, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Evernote. It’s smartly designed, efficient, has a user-friendly interface, and can cater to all your needs.



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