BetaGlide Makes Beta Testing Apps Easier Done Than Said [Video]

betaglideIf you are a mobile developer, you need to talk to your beta users before you launch to find out what’s working and what is not. When you are on a tight deadline, it gets tougher to get good feedback in time. Here is where BetaGlide comes into the picture.

The cloud based solution can measure CPU and memory consumption of an app while it is running and can track it against an event. For instance, if your app is going through the login screen and consuming too much CPU you’ve found your bug!

You don’t need to do any coding to integrate BetaGlide and start beta testing apps. The tool can also be used to generate logs for debugging, record session details, battery information and other variables. It also gives you a user heat map, network statistics etc.

In this video shot at the bigMobilityConf, Amritanshu Anand & Anshul, Co-Founders explain how it works!

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