Moneno: Set to Democratize Opinion Polls

Do you find check-boxed options in opinion polls, a limitation to convey your real response? Moneno might be a solution for you, company is set to democratize surveys and opinion…

Do you find check-boxed options in opinion polls, a limitation to convey your real response?

Moneno might be a solution for you, company is set to democratize surveys and opinion polls. Product helps brand managers, news agencies, HR departments and several others to listen to “voice of their customers”. opinion

How is it different from existing tools?

Survey with Moneno does not use checkbox approach. Respondents can enter their own response or chose one from responses given by respondents in the past (as demonstrated in screenshot on the right).

In addition, platform does not require respondent to create any account neither does it require facebook / google login. This is to maintain anonymity and make the process quick and easy.

To overcome problem of multiple response from same user, only one response can be sent from a particular PC with an option to edit the choice later. moneno

Output of survey is depicted by combination of font shade and color size. A darker shade and bigger font size means that more users are choosing this keyword as a response to your question. Conversely, a lighter shade and small font size reflects that those keywords are being chosen by a lesser percentage of the respondents.

Moneno’s web platform is available for beta trails right now. Application for mobile phone and smart phone are still under development.

Below is brief Q&A with Rahul Dewan, Co-founder of Moneno

PI: How did you come up with this idea?

Genesis of idea came when we wanted to design T-shirt for our company in 2009. We wanted few words which represent our company – culture, values etc. I personally feel we are a great company to work for and could have come up with the design but I wanted to know what employees think about the company as a workplace. However, I could not find a way to conduct a survey which would give up the answer.

So, we came up with the idea. I myself have been committed to this product along with one of our team member Arijit Dutta, who co-founded the product.

Which markets are you targeting right now?

We would be targeting markets globally and not limit ourselves to India. Currently, product is available in English. We want to develop a German version for this product at the earliest possible.

Our parent company, Srijan Technologies has in-house expertise in social media marketing. Once we have tested our product with few India customers, we plan to use social media to pull demand globally which would be combination of inbound marketing and paid ads.

How has been response from customers so far?

So far customers have been welcoming. We are in the process of doing beta testing for the product. Nasscom has shown interest in the product and is running a trial survey using Moneno.

PI’s View:

Moneno does serve a serious gap with majority surveys / polls: Limit to what one can choose from the check list, which is a deterrent to express one’s views. Product is very easy to use and can be used to conduct surveys across various platforms – web, mobile, smart phone. Also, it keeps identity of respondent confidential and takes only few seconds to submit response.

Suggestion: Apart from pictorial depiction, analytics is important for decision making amongst the survey organizers. So, company might want to incorporate the same going forward.

What’s your opinion about Moneno?

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