Bharat Bandh is Trending on Twitter–User Generated Discontent [Startup Opportunity]

Alright. Today is National Holiday forced upon us by opposition party and its heartening to see that ‘Bharat Bandh’ has now become a trending topic on twitter.

It goes on to say one thing – people’s online behavior are much different from offline and while people are vehemently opposing the bandh on Twitter/Facebook, there is hardly any opposition on the ground.


What does this mean?

People need to express and not necessarily act on a topic. Build something so vague that people will use it to kill time and still not do anything about the core issue (though in a subconscious mind, you should make them feel that they are ‘actually’ solving that issue).

Build something so important that brings out a hero out of any coward (wrong word, eh?).

Build something for people to kill time – they have got plenty of it anyways.

And that’s what Twitter and Facebook has done.

And that’s where the opportunity is.

So go on – give Bandh the respect it deserves. Tweet on. But please, do not step out of your home.

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