Big Bazaar vs. Big Bazar – What’s in a name?

The war is on between Reliance’s A-DAG group and Pantaloon over ‘Big Bazaar’ name. Reliance has been granted the trademark to use ‘“Reliance Big Bazar” trademark for some of its businesses (clothing, footwear, headgear, games and toys.)

While the legal team fight it out (as per legal experts – having failed to oppose R-Adag’s applications at the registration stage, Pantaloon can’t sue the group for trademark infringement in the event R-Adag opens stores selling apparels.’source) , it’s quite surprising to see a company like Reliance not creating their own brand, and instead trying to piggyback on somebody else’s.

Of course, Reliance’s argument is that they always go with ‘BIG’ brand and Big Bazar just fits in the scheme of things, but aren’t they bringing a damage to their own brand by using a familiar/competition’s name?

What’s your opinion?

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