Big B’s Blog Contributes 25% to BigAdda’ Traffic?

Big B has published his blog stats and here is a quick snapshot:big b blog

  • Unique visitors – 1,05,0,520 since April
  • Total number of visits since April ’08 – 2,37,0,000 approx, includes unique and regular visit
  • Total page views since April – 1,14,00,000 approx

Now, take a look at BigAdda site traffic stats (from comscore) [April – August 2008]

  • UUs (in ‘000): 4190
  • Visits (in ‘000): 6132
  • PVs (in mn): 40 (*)

Since the funnel data is not known (i.e. how many users visited Big B’s blog from bigadda and vice-versa), lets go ahead with the current raw numbers and essentially, that means:

Big B’s approx contribution to BigAdda traffic (in %);

  • UUs: 25%
  • Visits: 39%
  • PVs: 28.5%

Even if you adjust for cross traffic, Big B’s blog is contributing a very significant numbers to Bigadda – if I were running a socionet which is dependent on one celebrity, I’d be really worried.

What about you?

* : For PVs and Visits, Big B stats include Sep numbers as well, while comscore data is only till aug.

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