Big Computer Monitors means Better Productivity? Probably YES

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Big Computer Monitors means Better Productivity? Probably YES

Do you think big monitors helps you improve your work productivity? Honestly, did you ever give a damn to the monitor size? Probably you should.

According to Pfeiffer (a French consulting company), 30 in. monitors can very significantly boost (by 50-60%) a worker’s productivity, compared to the standard 17/19 in. monitors.

The study was conducted on Apple’s 30 in. cinema display screens and here are some interesting findings:

  • The testing showed time savings of 13.63 seconds when moving files between folders using the larger screen : 15.7 seconds compared to 29.3 seconds on the 17-in. monitor — for a productivity gain of 46.45 percent.
  • 65.09 percent productivity gain when dragging and dropping between images: a task that took 6.4 seconds on the larger monitor compared to 18.3 seconds using the smaller screen.
  • And cutting and pasting cells from Excel spreadsheets resulted in a 51.31 percent productivity gain : a task that took 20.7 seconds on the larger monitor versus 42.6 seconds on the smaller screen.

Download the report here.

The research has been contested by productivity experts who believe that the bigger screens don’t add more than 5% to productivity.

In my opinion, big screens does improve the productivity (although I am not too sure about the 50-60% productivity gain). I recently switched to a bigger screen laptop and well, I can see the bigger picture now!!

What do you think?

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