Spot Fix Legally With Big Toss [App Review]


Spot Fix Legally With Big Toss [App Review]

big-toss-cricket-logoCricket is king in India, and while the fanciest cricket tournament of the country, IPL, is over, there is still tons of action from the field coming up this year including the ongoing ICC Champions trophy in England and Wales.

While there is action throughout the year, and one can keep track on a variety of apps present on each platform, The Big Toss Cricket app, which is currently only available for iOS,  takes cricket addiction to new levels.

An interesting trend with die-hard cricket fans is the increased interest in fantasy leagues. Combining the features of a usual cricket app with the concept of prediction, the Big Toss cricket app offers an innovative gaming experience. Users can follow, discuss, play and compete with friends unlock trophies along the way.


To use Big Toss, you would be required to log in using Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Like most other cricket apps one can follow cricket matches live with this app. You can also check results with analysis, which includes scorecards, wagon wheels etc. One can subscribe to upcoming games and receive notifications and updates for that match. Following matches gives users Karma coins and also the ability to win badges.

While following matches is one thing, where the Big Toss Cricket app scores above other apps is the Predictions Game where one can compete with friends by scoring points on a variety of situations of a cricket game. One can use a slider to choose how much stake/runs one would like to place on each question.

There are also power plays like free hits, doublers and triplers that help you boost your score. A free hit allows you not to lose any points if you get your prediction wrong, doublers allow you to win twice your stake if you answer correctly, and Triplers allow you to win thrice as much as your original stake if you answer correctly. You would have to use karma points to enable these power plays.

There is also a Buzz section, which is like a social channel within Big Toss, which lets you discuss matches, your favorite teams and players and more. You can post statuses and also comment on others. Users can cheer or boo an activity, making it added fun. With Buzz you can see how many people are following a particular match and each match has a unique hashtag to track activity of a match.

One will come across Karma points, all over the apps, which are basically rewards for using certain actions on the app like participation in a game, making a buzz or sharing good news. Also when one hits an achievement you get more karma.

There is also a read tab, which pulls news from various cricket news websites and also the blog of Big Toss. You can also cheer and boo articles.


We found the UI of the app very pleasant and easy to navigate. The home screen displays live, upcoming, results and tournaments very well and the use of the cascade effect to flip through matches was a nice addition.

The graphics and tiny additions all over the app are well thought out, and add to the beauty of the app.

Playing the game was easy and the UI lends its hands to people who are playing even for the first time.  One can easily see how many people have placed a stake and decide accordingly. Scoring happens almost immediately.

Following a live match, one may not get as many options as the revamped ESPNcricinfo app but it does offer a basic overview which should suffice for most fans.

The app has taken the in-app purchase route. While the app is free to download, one can purchase Karma points or remove ads from the app itself.

Our Take

With an app so feature rich, it is definitely a must have for cricket fans. The prediction game is definitely addicting and the fact that the app serves up live scores and news is definitely an added bonus.

The app has been live for about two weeks now and in our interaction with the app we could see that there was already a decent amount of traction with a number of users playing the game and also interacting in the buzz section, something which is a positive sign of things to come for this app.

We would have liked the option to have more situations to place stake on in the game or for the ability for users to add situations.

An Android app is in the works and will be released in the coming days which should see the app increase its user base.

Download: The Big Toss Cricket for iOS

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