BigAdda claims to have 1.5 million users and is adding 15,000 users daily. The social network is targeting 4-5mn$ in a year and is  betting big on it’s mobile presence.

“We are reaching out to 40 mn internet users in the country, and with us going on to mobile platform, we will be able to reach to 50 mn mobile internet users. We have just started getting revenue and in these three months it is not an amount which is quite big. ” – COO Shivanandan Pare

Few inflated numbers (IMO):

  • Statistics say about 56.6 per cent of net users log onto their communities’ every day and about 70.4 per cent interact with other members of their communities
  • MobileAdda’ version of for cellphones, expects over 300 mn users

Well, user base is one thing and engagement is completely a diff – and BigAdda’s user engagement shows up in their Rock On microsite (read our earlier coverage of Rock On Movie: FaceBook vs BigAdda’s Social Conversation)

What can really work for BigAdda is their interplay between different media (and sales) and most importantly, their deep pockets, which can help them survive the tough times.

Whats your opinion?

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