BigAdda more user friendly than FaceBook/Orkut?

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BigAdda more user friendly than FaceBook/Orkut?

What would be your first reaction if you come across a report that states BigAdda is more user friendlier than Facebook and orkut?

Well, Juxtconsult has published a usability report (sample size: 200) that puts BigAdda (score: 6.9) ahead of Orkut (5.4), Facebook (4.5), (5.4), (5.4), (5.3) and (5.2) in Website User Friendliness.

To a certain extent, I agree with this rating – BigAdda is more neatly designed and so far has maintained a sense of cleanliness in the site (they don’t have apps/ads so far, so still too early to say they are cleaner!).

There are minimal features (mainly groups/music/videos and mobile) – and both Orkut and Facebook are suffering from feature overload – so many useless apps, so many spammy groups.

Having said that, the network effect still lies with FB and Orkut and BigAdda still has a long way to go (they claim 1.5 mn user base).

What’s surprising about the report is that they haven’t added IndyaRocks to the list – nevertheless, here are the traffic details from comscore:

Only has been taken into account as Orkut started redirect few months back.

What’s your opinion?

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