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5 Indians make it to MIT’s annual “35 under 35” innovators’ list

Names such Daniel Ek, Drew Houstan and Ben Silbermann may not ring a bell, but their web innovations in the form of Spotify, Dropbox and Pinterest individually have millions of users per month. Eben Upton, the brain behind the wildly popular RasberryPi computer also finds his name in the roll call. As always, the Indian diaspora finds its worthy representation in the list.

Google, Samsung To Release Monthly Android Security Updates For Devices

Following the discovery of the Stagefright vulnerability, Google and Samsung have announced that they will roll out Android Security Updates for Nexus and Galaxy devices once every month. Google says its monthly updates will be in addition to the updates the company rolls out whenever they’re ready. Samsung on the other hand says its working with carriers across the globe to perfect the method for regular updates.