Rahul Yadav On Bigg Boss 9 ? Hell Yeah !

Update : Bigg Boss 9 contestant list is out and Rahul Yadav is IN.


There are *speculations* that Rahul Yadav, the ex-CEO of Housing is going to be a part of the upcoming Bigg Boss 9 , one of the most controversial tv series in India.

While the list of Bigg Boss 9 participants aren’t yet out, it’s quite clear from Rahul’s FB updates that he is ON with Bigg Boss.

Rahul Yadav : The Bigg Boss !
Rahul Yadav : The Bigg Boss !

Random Idea : How about commonfloor sponsoring Bigg Boss now?  🙂

Aside, how cool is it for a founder of newly launched (?) startup to spend 45 days away from the team? What’s your take?

Meanwhile, watch Rahul’s first ever public talk at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.