Announcing bigMobilityConf : Calling App Developers, Mobility Entrepreneurs And The Good Fellas

At NextBigWhat, we started an internal discussion thread on a list of successful indie apps from Indian app developers. To tell you the truth, we really struggled to come up with a definitive list.

A country which boasts of a huge number of app developers, active app consumer base has very little success story in producing world-class apps?

Unlike product startups, apps are a very democratic business (nobody cares who is behind Flappy bird/Instagram/Little Eye Labs).

Given this context, we started talking to a few app developers and here is what we have realised : For App developers, launch of app is a big deal, a huge success in itself!

To most, that’s the end of the app journey (they do keep adding features) – .i.e. move on to the next app and launch more apps [maybe : the lesser ambitious breed called Indian app developers].

And this needs to seriously change. Seriously!

We are sitting on a huge opportunity and time is ripe for Indian app developers to make their mark! Not just among Indian audience, but in global diaspora as well.

But Then..

First, app developers need to move out of their comfort zone – i.e. start conversations that goes beyond technology. A look around app conferences and everybody seems to be talking technology.

That’s good – more technology will get better apps (?); but that’s not enough!

Not just enough to make a mark.


Well, we need to pick up some tough topics, talk few tactical and extremely important issues in app business.

Example : The 3D of App Business

No, 3D != Develop, Develop and Develop.

But it is Design, Discovery, Distribution.

Introducing bigMobilityConf

We are happy to share the next edition of bigMobilityConf , a conference dedicated to app and mobile ecosystem in India.

The 1-day event will bring conversations around 3D aspects of app business : Design, Distribution and Discovery; with red-eyed focus on ensuring that Indian app developers really crack the international arena, packed with industry trends and data.

The launch stage, i.e. #pitchstop application form will go live on March 25th.

bigMobilityConf : April 26, Bangalore
bigMobilityConf : April 26, Bangalore

April 26th

Infantry Hotel, Bangalore.

We had a great time with ‘Entry is Free, Exit is NOT’ pricing strategy last time, so we will continue with the same approach. That is, entry is free – you pay for your tickets after the conference!

Importantly, we are curating a great audience for bigMobilityConf – i.e. you need to apply for the conference.

For those who want to explore sponsorship/partnerships, please get in touch :

Apply using the form below – we will revert back at the earliest regarding the next steps.

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