bigMobilityConf : Calling Entrepreneurs, App Developers, Tough Questions And Growth Mindset!


bigMobilityConf : Calling Entrepreneurs, App Developers, Tough Questions And Growth Mindset!

bigMobility is all around us – more Indians are using (smart)phones than PCs. More of us are consuming apps than ever

Ecommerce companies are witnessing growing number of transactions happening over the phone.


bigMobilityConf : April 26th, Bangalore
bigMobilityConf : April 26th, Bangalore

There is a challenge.

The local app developer ecosystem hasn’t matured enough (users have, app developers/entrepreneurs aren’t yet producing great products). Importantly, very few indie desi developers/entrepreneurs have managed to made it to the slots in the (Indian) app store.

Apps have a lot of local appeal (smartphones are more context-aware/users want to consume micro-content) and that’s the big opportunity that lies ahead for app developers.

Do we have a technology problem to solve? We believe that there are enough technology forums (local/global) that talk technology.

The Real Problem

Is of uncomfortable topics questions and debates

‘When you are the smartest guy (or girl) in the room, you should just leave the room” [an interesting PoV by a fellow entrepreneur, Prashant Singh]

Most of the app developers are NOT leaving the room. They are enjoying the <X> download numbers, which compare nothing with global counterparts.

What’s lacking is not the tech mindset – but growth mindset.

And that’s what we want to build at bigMobilityConf : Get entrepreneurs/developers to start asking tough questions/debate and share stuff. Grow together, because the earlier approach hasn’t really worked.

And Grow Beyond the OS Religions/Debates. Beyond ‘mine is bigger than yours’ syndrome (download numbers, obviously).

Introducing bigMobilityConf

We defintely look forward to the upcoming bigMobilityConf which is a step towards realizing a goal of enabling successful mobility ventures.

bigMobilityConf Details

Date : April 26th
Venue : Hotel Infantry Road (venue/map).
Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM.
Ticketing: Entry is Free BUT Exit is NOT [That is, you can pay what’er you think the event was worth for you]
Agenda : link


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