bigMobilityConf Topic : Rise of Local Language on the Mobile Web


bigMobilityConf Topic : Rise of Local Language on the Mobile Web

Here is a trend that is building up in the mobile web:

Samsung partnered with Reverie to launch interface in 9 Indian languages.

Plustxt got acquired by One97.

– Local language news app NewsHunt served 10 billion views.

GupShup launched its app in different languages

What does this all mean? Well, the local language revolution that never happened on the web will probably make its way through in the mobile web.

The Indian government is spending INR 20,000 crore to lay optic fibre so that all panchayats across the country are connected.

“Mobile penetration in India is over 800 million but penetration of internet is only 15%. On the other side literacy rate in English is less than 20% whereas literacy rate in Indian languages is around 50%. Hence, the next big thing is the evolution of Mobile Internet in local languages.”  [Read : Local Language Content on Mobile to Drive Inclusive Growth]

Fair enough. But what are the real challenges? Who is generating local language content on the web? Is supply constrained? Do advertisers care?

Well, we have a dedicated session on the ‘Rise of Local Language’ topic at the upcoming bigMobilityConf. The #bigTalk  will have 3 practitioners from the industry:

1. Arvind Pani, Cofounder and CEO of Reverie Technologies.

2. Virendra Gupta, Cofounder of Ver se Innovation, the company behind NewsHunt app.

3. Pratyush Prasanna, Cofounder of Plustxt.

– The event is scheduled for August 31st (more details here: To attend, fill up the form below.

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