BigShoeBazaar : Buy Branded shoes on the Internet

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BigShoeBazaar : Buy Branded shoes on the Internet

BigShoeBazaar is an interesting startup that has setup an online store to buy branded shoes. The store currently boasts of 30 brands (right frobigshoebazaar.gifm Bata, Woodlands, Reebok to Red Tape/Mardi Grass and more), 2500+ designs and a huge inventory of 14,750+ shoes.

BigShoeBazaar has build cool set of features to get pass the Indian consumer’s skepticism towards buying lifestyle products on the Internet:

  • Multi-angled photography / six times zoom – so that you can view the shoes from all possible angle and get a “touch and feel” experience!
  • If you aren’t too sure of the shoe size, get the measurement chart and find out your shoe size (such mini-features definitely removes the barrier to explore the site/shoes; and encourages customers to “try out” the product)
  • If you are still not sure whether to order size 8 or 9, BugShoeBazaar recommends it’s customers to buy both the pairs and return the misfit one.
  • Live chat with the support team: one of the major reasons for shopping cart abortion has been the lack of interactivity with the store; and live chat is the most efficient solution to get the customer query resolved while she is in the buying decision stage.

Overall, the site is very well AJAXed (has some issues with FireFox) and I am really impressed with the ease of selection/navigation.

But the bigger question is that unlike grocery shopping (which is a chore activity), buying branded shoes is still considered as lifestyle shopping experience. And I am not too convinced whether an online store can replace the offline experience, or should even attempt to!

Like InfiBeam, I too believe in lead generation model (for online retailers who are in lifestyle products). But times, they are a changing (and I might be completely wrong)!

What’s your take on BigShoeBazaar?

  • Will you buy shoes from their online store?, or
  • Instead go to the nearest shopping mall and try out different brands/styles?, or
  • Will you use BigShoeBazaar’s site to get a “feel” of shoes (price/style etc), finalize few specific options in your mind and then go the nearest shopping mall and buy the shoes?

I’d love to know your opinion.

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