Wanna rent a bike? Go Wheelstreet

India being an upcoming millennial population, its transportation method remains outdated while facing problems such as pollution and traffic.

Wheelstreet aims to change exactly that through its smart bike renting solutions by decreasing the number of wheels on the streets, with a vision to make India a 2 wheeler driven country by 2020.

  1. Pickup and drop of bike from anywhere to anywhere.
  2. Dockless motorbike renting. Same as ofo and mobike in China.
  3. Just scan the QR, get the code and ride the bike wherever you want.
  4. Solving last mile connectivity without being stuck in traffic, waiting for cabs or negotiating with auto.
  5. Prices starting at just Rs 10/hr.


About the team:
Two friends from school started Wheelstreet in 2014 in New Delhi. Wheelstreet is a smart mobility solution for urban commuters – solving various 2 wheeler transportation problems ranging from daily commute to long trips.
Decreasing every commuter’s travel time by half, Wheelstreet aims to make intra-city commute your easiest way to travel around the city.

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