What needs to change right now? Bill Gates’ understanding of Aadhaar

Bil Gates has been a supporter of Aadhaar, which isn’t a bad thing. But what’s wrong is his understanding of (implementation of) Aadhaar, the idealism around it and lack of awareness on how it is being misused by the govt bodies.

Here are a few notes from his recent interview:

Aadhaar doesn’t harm privacy, it merely gives an identity, thinks Bill Gates.
Aadhaar is just something that avoids you pretending to be somebody else that you can have fake people on government payroll. Aadhaar prevents you being on that payroll as a ghost worker.
It prevents you from collecting things that you shouldn’t collect or accessing a health record you shouldn’t have access to. So the basic Aadhaar mechanism is an identity mechanism and so it is too bad if somebody thinks that because Aadhaar is there that in itself creates a privacy problem.
The privacy issue is about the application, if you are using the Aadhaar for your taxes and your benefits who has access to that information. The idea that you have an identity – that is only in some philosophical thing – it is an arbitrary 12 digit number.
It is the policies for the application who can see the land registry, certainly things like voting privacy or medical record privacy, everybody agrees that super important (via).

What Bill Gates need to know is the way Aadhaar has been implemented (rather misused) and is being used as a Big-Brother tool.He has a very idealistic knowledge of Aadhaar which is far far far far away from the reality.
Anyways, watch this interview (leaving his commentary on Aadhaar, it is definitely a good one by cnbc).

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