Bing Will Roll Out Its Mobile-Friendly Search Algorithm In A Few Months

Microsoft Bing has announced that it will introduce its version of the mobile-friendly search ranking signal in the coming months.
Unlike rival Google, Bing hasn’t provided a specific date on which it will flip the switch on its mobile-friendly algorithm and is instead opting for a slower roll-out in order to gather feedback from Webmasters.
Bing Search Mobile Friendliness
The move to push sites that are mobile-friendly higher in the search ranking is largely due to Bing receiving increasing amount of its traffic from mobile devices over the past few years.

Mobile-Friendly Tag

Like Google, Bing too will add a mobile-friendly tag beside websites in its search results, and says that while it began testing the label last month, its broader roll-out will begin soon.
The upcoming update will work a lot like Google’s Mobile Friendly Update, which will strive to find the fine balance between showing the most important information for a search and the content best optimized for mobile devices.
Microsoft says relevancy will always trump mobile-friendliness, but in order to get as many sites to be mobile-friendly is working on a tool to allow Webmasters to analyze their pages to see if they meet the mobile-friendly criteria.

Factors determining mobile-friendliness

  • Navigation – Buttons, links and menus should be large enough and spaced well apart
  • Readability – Text on the page should be large enough to read without zooming/scrolling
  • Scrolling – The content on the web page should fit within the device width
  • Compatibility – Content on a page needs to be compatible with the device

All the factors will need to be met in order for a web page to be considered mobile-friendly by Bing’s algorithms. The company is also considering other factors such as pop-ups which create friction in navigation in the determination of mobile-friendliness.

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