Biodegradable and affordable straw for drinking beverages as a Startup idea.

As plastic ban spreads slowly to more states from Maharashtra, it has opened up a slew of new opportunities for daring entrepreneurs. One very in the face opportunity is of biodegradable but yet affordable straws.
Almost all personal juice/shakes and beverages tetra packs come with plastic straw. Go to any restaurant and ask for any cold beverage, your drink is served with a plastic straw.
And the big problem for both small restaurant owners and giant beverage companies is that plastic ban is now going to spread to rest of the country, sooner or later.
Market for just biodegradable straws which can replace plastic straws could be a big opportunity for a startup, and we add up other plastic utensils which are used in both houses,restaurants and functions, it could bea proverbial gold mine.

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