Healthcare Startup, Biosense secures $500K funding from GSF and Insitor

Biosense, the Mumbai based healthcare startup, has secured a funding of $500,000 from GSF India and Insitor. Biosense is a part of GSF India’s first batch of startups and one of first three investees in India. GSF had initially invested $150,000 in Biosense.

The company co-founder Myshkin Ingawale had previously launched an anemia detector that doesn’t require a needle, called ToucHb at TED 2012.Ted2013Fellow_MyshkinIngawale

Another innovative product, the uChek app, that was debuted  at TED 2013 in California last month, will be launched in April 2013. This new product will enable physicians and patients from around the world to analyze urine using their smartphones, measuring up to ten parameters such as glucose, ketones and leukocytes.

To use the app all the user has to do is dip the stick in the pee and put it down next to a washable color mat and then take a picture of the two at certain time intervals. The mat acts as a reference color palette that can be compared to the stick in any light. Then the app locally analyzes what it sees, and displays the levels and the trends. The app will cost just $0.99 and the mat $20 (reusable after wash).

GSF founder Rajesh Sawhney said “We were especially interested in Biosense for its regard for social impact as a pioneer in grassroots public healthcare,” he also added, “Users are gaining the ability to diagnose and monitor a large number of conditions – from the palm of his/her hand- due to the company’s efforts.”

We had previously covered another Indian healthcare startup, Diabeto, with an innovative non-intrusive bluetooth powered hardware device that  plugs into an existing glucometers and helps in transferring all the blood sugar data to an Android devices.

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