Say Yappy Birthday To NextBigWhat !

There is a great momentum of startups in the country and for us, this is the time to stay ahead in the game and drive the next revolution.

It’s been two years since we rebranded from to NextBigWhat and the journey so far has been full of fun and energy.

Happy Birthday NextBigWhat
Happy Birthday NextBigWhat
We are making some massive changes in the way we look at startups and content and like any article on NextBigWhat, let me share this with you in a short and to-the-point manner.
What’s NextBigWhat For NextBigWhat?
We started with a vision to be most useful platform for startups/entrepreneurs and the ecosystem . There is a great momentum of startups in the country and for us, this is the time to stay ahead in the game and drive the next revolution.
There are a few changes that we are bringing to the table and I’d like to share with you. You are the reason why we exist and all of our readers / lovers / haters are part of the extended family (let’s call it NextBigFamily).
A few important changes:
– Platforms.
We never considered ourselves a news/ media outlet. I don’t belong to media business and we’d rather build on our strength – i.e. product thinking. We are platformizing majority of NextBigWhat (first announcement is due tomorrow).
We play 3C role in the ecosystem : Connector, Cheerleader and Critic. And platform approach is THE approach to go for us.
– News
We believe that industry coverage is an important element, but that cannot be THE biggest focus area for us. We have always been about interesting perspective, debates and heated conversations (not so much about ‘how 3 IITians started <blah> or ‘Exclusive : <blah> has raised undisclosed funding from undisclosed investors’ ).
Going forward, we will tone down our news coverage and instead focus on bringing more perspective and analysis. Expect a lot of ‘’ styled articles.
What does this translate to?
More opinions (more typos 🙂 / hey! did you check the title?).
We aren’t hiring experienced journalists (especially the ones who want to write breaking pieces/collect quotes) anymore. Given our platform focus, we want to bring a lot of people with interesting perspective and smart take on industry updates (if you are one, please talk to us). Plus, we are opening the floodgates for interesting guest authors and doers (more on that later).
From a news coverage point of view, we are soon launching a completely new format for news consumption.
Our 10 commandments
We live by our 10 commandments. We do not do exclusive funding news, especially for angel/early stage startups. When in doubt, we lean towards the entrepreneur.
We continue to do focused conferences – UnPluggd is already the most inspirational, useful and respected startup event in the country, and formats like bigMobilityConf has shaped up damn well!

The coming year is a big one for NextBigWhat, as it is for Indian Entrepreneurship. It’s an exciting time ahead. And we’re looking forward to playing an enabler/ supporting role in this – egging folks on to dream bigger, bridging the gaps with the real world, asking the tough questions and bringing diverse, wide and unique perspectives to the table so it helps entrepreneurs and product teams truly make a difference, not just some money.

We’d love to have your testimonials, wishes, comments, suggestions whatever – leave us a note! Just say, Hi !

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PS : Sincere apologies to entrepreneurs whose mail I haven’t managed to reply. I am red-eyed focus on building the platform and please be patient for another few days, before we reveal the NextBigThing to you!
– Ashish Sinha / On Behalf of the Team.
PS : We are hiring and looking for people who want to be a part of the next big revolution. The ones who want to play a big role in new media platform space. The ones who can think and do.

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