Bitch about your Boss

People join an organization but quit their boss, for reasons ranging from bad appraisal to the bossy-nature to lack-of-openness… etc etc..
These reasons are universal, irrespective of where/which industry you work for.
And the only option to handle such a boss is an either-or -approach,i.e.
a)Either you agree to what’er your boss says,
b) Or you quit the organization.

BossBitching provides a wonderful opportunity to vent off your feelings (anonymously).

How does it work?
One can post stories about his/her boss, and others will rate/comment on the story.
The posts that receive the most attention via the ratings will get promoted to the front page (digg style).
Users can receive updates of the most popular posts through RSS feeds.

One can categorize the boss in 6 different categories (Credit stealer, Insensitive, Tyrant, Criticizer, Micro Manager and, of course – all purpose Asshole!!)

What’s cool about this site is the basic idea itself – who the hell is not frustrated with his/her boss?!!
Secondly, the simplicity in posting/commenting/rating on these stories gives it a *stickiness*!

Overall, a must-site if you want to scream at your boss, but is worried about your job/EMI!!

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