Bitequest – Foodie Destination for NCR Region

Bitequest is a Delhi based startup that aims to be a comprehensive directory of top restaurants, clubs, bars and other such outlets in and around Delhi.

While there are whole lot of online foodie destinations (aPlacetoDine, FoodieBay, HungryZone) for NCR region, Bitequest also has special deals/offers from restaurants (which is what is also doing in Bangalore).

The product focuses mainly on lifestyle category restaurants and needs whole lot of improvement in search – most of the searches result in no-result page.

One of the things that I like about Bitequest is it’s business profile page – rich in data  (especially additional information like timings/cuisine etc).

One can book a table and Bitequest also has put the restaurant menus online – categorized under different sections (Food/Drinks/Chef’s corner etc).

If you are from NCR region, do give Bitequest a bite and share your opinion (especially on quality/accuracy of data).

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